Growing in covered spaces means that you’re going to be dealing with a lot of heat and a lot of moisture. Successful high tunnel growing will require addressing both of these factors to meet the needs of your crops. Below are a list of links and resources for learning more and getting ideas about ventilation in your high tunnel!

University of Minnesota High Tunnels page has a really great overview of temperature and moisture management in high tunnels, including max/min and optimum temperature ranges for different crops.

Presentation on Ventilation and Air Flow in High Tunnels from the 2009 Minnesota Statewide High Tunnel/Season Extension Conference.

Presentation on High Tunnel Environment Management from a 2013 agricultural conference in Colorado.

UVM Intervale Community Farm PDF document on environmental management in high tunnels. Includes information on ventilation and heat management, but also winter management and heating options.

Growing for Market Article on hoophouse ventilation from the September 2014 issue. Note you need to be an online subscriber, or purchase a back issue, or ask to borrow a friend’s copy to read this article!

Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA) presentation on High Tunnel Environmental Management (You Tube video, part 1 of 2).