Construction Advice

There are lots of different models of high tunnels to purchase and all of them come with directions.  However, seldom are the directions very user-friendly.  There are tons of resources out there to help you untangle the concepts hidden in the manuals.  Or you can just build your own.  Here are some links to help in either case.

There is always the option of hiring someone to help or do it for you.  Posting your request on high tunnel specific Facebook pages, Craigs List, or on a local Time Bank can connect you to folks with interest and experience. Some such links are listed below:

Homer High Tunnel Growers 
Kodiak Growers on Facebook 
HOMER GREEN:  trade, share, give, receive on Facebook 
Alaskans Helping Alaskans timebank

Construction Resources

Rutgers University has a simple slideshow of construction steps

Illinois Extension has a PDF document explaining construction concepts

University of Vermont has construction tips that cover everything from getting the ground posts solid to insulation techniques.


USU video on How To Build a High Tunnel

An interview from Michigan State University high tunnel specialist Adam Montri on site prep and construction and on end walls and covering.

Building Your Own

Johnny's Seeds has a manual on construction by bending your own rafters has a good design manual for PVC high tunnels.


Michigan State Univeristy directions on building a high tunnel with materials bought locally.