Getting Started With Your High Tunnel

There are many things to consider once you've made the decison to build a high tunnel.  In addition to analyzing the space you have available, you’ll also want to consider how much time and effort you want to put into your high tunnel, both during the growing season and in terms of winter maintenance. A high tunnel can be 30 feet wide and more than twice that long, but keep in mind that is 2000 square feet is a lot of work for the typical home gardener. Even commercial growers seem to prefer 20’-26’ wide structures. Keep in mind that a high tunnel is generally just one part of a growing system that includes greenhouse for starts and outdoor garden for the crops that thrive in Alaskan conditions. The high tunnel site should be accessible year-round (even during break-up) and be convenient to water and electricity (if desired). Good drainage is essential, and the site should be graded to divert water if necessary. The ideal site has full sun, good air flow in summer and protection from the wind in winter. Make sure there is room for snow removal on both sides. Do you need to plan for future expansion?  There is a lot to consider, but planning ahead can prevent problems in the future.