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As more and more producers build and grow in high tunnels in Alaska, there is more to share and more questions to answer.  This website is dedicated to sharing local experience, not necessarily scientific information.  Don't bet your life on anything stated here, but know that everything comes from real life experiences.   

This website project was funded by a grant from the Western Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program

Programs and projects supported by Western SARE are equally open to all people.

Connect to Local Information

Grower list  E-Newsletters

Depending where you are, there are ways to have information come right to your inbox regarding events and info-sharing opportunities.  To get on these newsletters, click on the link or contact the lead person with each group and they can get you signed up.

Homer High Tunnel Growers (high tunnel specific information and events)
TO ADD AN EVENT: email kyra@sustainablehomer.org
Sustainable Homer (Homer area events including high tunnel-focused events) 
TO ADD AN EVENT: email kyra@sustainablehomer.org
Central Peninsula High Tunnel e-newsletter (high tunnel specific information and events) 
TO SIGN UP TO ADD AN EVENT:  email kenaiswcd@gmail.com
Kenai Peninsula Farm Bureau (various ag related topics)
TO SIGN UP TO ADD AN EVENT:  email ritajo@alaskaperfectpeony.com 

Connect to Local Producers


Regional growers have regular conversations online through Facebook.  So far, there are pages titled:

       - Homer High Tunnel Growers 
       - Kodiak Growers 
       - Start your own for your area!

This is a great place to share and see photos, stories, and questions.  It is widely read so it represents a wide variety of opinions and experiences.  Though information shared is often anecdotal rather than scientific, you can quickly connect to people you may never meet normally to find out quickly about possibilities for:

      - group ordering,
      - local meetings
      - classes or forums
      - other group ventures


Connect to Funding

NRCSNatural Resource Conservation Service

The NRCS/USDA in Alaska manages the EQIP Season High Tunnel Initiative.  This Initiative is a voluntary program that provides financial and technical assistance to agricultural producers.  The goal of the initiative is to assist producers to extent the growing season for high value crops in an environmentally safe manner.

Lots of new high tunnels in Alaska have come through this program.  NRCS offices can’t give you personal information on other producers because of confidentiality or endorse one high tunnel company over another, but they can give you all kinds of other information on this and other programs.  Check out the Alaska NRCS page for state-specific information and contact info for regional offices.